Back to school kit

Back to school kit


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For a safe return to class, we offer you a free 60 ml bottle of Manitou with the purchase of a 250 ml bottle of Manitou.

A value of $28 for $20, you save 28%.

Our liquid hand sanitizer, the Manitou is composed of 65% alcohol, a softening blend of organic aloe vera, vegetable glycerin, and essential oils with the pleasant smell of conifer and citrus. The essential purifying oils of balsam fir, black spruce, and eucalyptus are known to be beneficial for the respiratory tract. The powerful organic essential oils of western cedar (Canadian white cedar), cinnamon bark, oregano, and sweet orange effectively contribute to your protection.

Approved by Health Canada (NPN#80097989) for its bactericidal action, Manitou Liquid Disinfectant protects and disinfects your hands effectively. Apply to hands occasionally for 30 seconds.

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