Education, which is dear to Mikaël Zayat, is at the heart of our mission.

ZAYAT AROMA invites you to discover the fascinating world of aromatherapy by registering for our trainings and workshops.

With passion and generosity, and from their unique perspectives, our educational partners share their knowledge and experience.

If you have any suggestions of subjects for our workshops or would like to organize private online workshops with friends and colleagues, do not hesitate to contact us [email protected].


95.00$ ~ 13/12/2019 09h30 16h30
Mikaël Zayat
120.00$ ~ 05/29/2021 9h30 16h30
Mikaël Zayat
120.00$ ~ 03/27/2021 13h30 16h
Véronik Tanguay
95.00$ ~ 24/05/2019 9h30 16h30
532.00$ ~ 25/01/2020 9h30 16h30
120.00$ ~ 22/02/2020 9h30 16h30
Mikaël Zayat
95.00$ ~ 13/07/2019 9h30 16h30