Aromatherapy Kit Level 1

Aromatherapy Kit Level 1


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This kit is specially created to accompany you during the Level 1 complete aromatherapy training online with Josée Thériault. You will be able to live this adventure full of meaning and encounters as if you were in class. And at the same time you will have the necessary to create your own synergies!

The package includes:

Exotic basil, organic India (11ml)

Yellow lemon, organic Mexico (11ml)

Canada Organic Black Spruce (11ml)

Eucalyptus citriodora, organic India (11ml)

Eucalyptus officinal, Australia (11ml)

Geranium rosat, organic Egypt (11ml)

Cloves, buds, organic Madagascar (11ml)

Laurel, noble, organic Slovenia (5ml)

Spike Lavender, organic Spain (11ml)

Lavender, vera, organic Greece (11ml)

Red Mandarin, Italy (11ml)

Sweet Marjoram, organic Egypt (5ml)

India Organic Peppermint (11ml)

Sweet orange, organic Mexico (11ml)

Compact Oregano, organic Morocco (11ml)

Palmarosa, organic India (11ml)

Hemlock spruce, Organic Canada (11ml)

Ravintsara, organic Madagascar (11ml)

Tea tree, organic Australia (11ml)

Ylang-ylang, Totum & extra, organic Madagascar (5ml)

St. John’s Wort, Organic Canada (32ml)

Sunflower, organic Canada (100ml)


A value of $237.00 for only $200.00

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