Tournaire PLUS 45™ - 2,500 L Aluminium Bottle (cap and plug included)

Tournaire PLUS 45™ - 2,500 L Aluminium Bottle (cap and plug included)

This 2500 ml (84.5us fl oz) aluminum bottle is ideal for packing and transporting your most valuable liquid products such as essential oils, CBD, fine vegetable oils, etc.


ZAYAT AROMA is the official distributor of Tournaire in Canada.


Tournaire is the industrial group expert in the valorization of natural raw materials, with equipment and custom packaging, since 1833.

Made of aluminum, these packages offer excellent resistance to shocks, punctures, chemical attacks and guarantee a total UV barrier.

Their seamless monobloc structure and tamper-resistant closure ensure optimum sealing and maximum safety for your products.

A true market leader, the System PlusTM range is ideal for packaging, transporting and sampling sensitive products such as essential oils.

 UN approved.

 Complies with European regulations for food contact.

 Tamper-resistant closure.

 Aluminum 100% recyclable.


Cap PLUS 45, shutter 28 included. (you can order additional caps and shutters by clicking on the links below)


Inner diameter of neck: 28 mm (1.10in)

Height of container: 297 mm (11.7in)


Capacity: 2500 ml (84.5us fl oz)


60 units per box.

420 units per pallet (contact us for prices and availabilities).


Click here to see the product page on the Tournaire website.


The actual product may differ slightly from the photo.

The information contained in this document is accurate at the time of publication and is subject to change, error or omission.

Product compatibility with cylinders and closures must be verified.


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