Dropper cap, Black plastic 18GL

Dropper cap, Black plastic 18GL

This cap is produced in Germany for the pharmaceutical industry and for aromatherapy..

It is a plastic cap made by injection moulding in 18GL format with safety ring.

We have chosen the dropper to guarantee a constant and regular dosage according to the essential oil packaged.

The cap has a total height of 2 cm (0,787in) with the safety ring but it is NOT CHILD-PROOF.

ø : 20 mm (0,787in)

weight : 2,66 g (0.094oz)

This is not a child-proof cap.

The cap is delivered assembled but it is easy to disassemble it.

This cap also exists in white.

The actual product may differ slightly from the photo.


20.00 mm
20.00 mm
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