Discovery Kit : Sacred Oils

Discovery Kit : Sacred Oils


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From our very beginnings human beings have developed tools and methods to help us reconnect with what we call sacred whether it is a family ancestor, a tree, a mountain, or a being who appeared among us to motivate and support our collective evolution.
These methods and traditions, whether complex or simple, more often than not have a plant based element in the form of offerings, anointing oils, or resin, wood or leaves that we burn to carry our messages. 

This set of sacred oils brings together aromas long appreciated for their ability to calm, open the heart and the senses and the mind:  


Oliban incense is a sacred oil, used in meditation or in spiritual rites because it allows to connect with the divine, freeing from stress or mental confusion and thus opening up the intuition.

Palo santo is a wood used for millennia by shamans during rites of purification. This oil allows to raise the vibrations to get rid of negative thoughts, thus promoting calm and concentration.

White pine oil, from the iconic tree of Eastern Canada, gives courage to overcome difficulties, instilling confidence, strength and lightness. It opens to the joy of brotherhood and friendship.

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