Discovery Kit : Forest scents

Discovery Kit : Forest scents


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Many of us enjoy walks in the forest and in the green parks of our cities.

But without imagining how much these walks support our physical and mental health!

What is the secret of trees?

Where do they get these tremendous abilities to keep us healthy and to protect us from disease, to affect our body and our mind?

It is that during a walk in the forest, we breathe in the molecules secreted by the trees. The very same molecules we find in essential oils.


This kit contains:

  • White Pine 11ml
  • Black Spruce 11ml
  • Balsam Fir 11ml
  • Red Cedar 11ml
  • Eastern Hemlock 11ml

The White Pine Oil, from the iconic tree of Eastern Canada, gives courage to overcome difficulties, instilling confidence, strength and lightness. It opens to the joy of brotherhood and friendship.

Black spruce oil is a very energizing, invigorating and revitalizing oil. It helps to tone the nervous and immune system. It also cleanses the surrounding air.

Balsam fir oil exudes an aromatic essence that is highly appreciated as an atmospheric antiseptic, particularly useful during family gatherings during the holidays.

Red cedar oil has antiviral, antifungal and bactericidal properties. It is very useful in case of wound difficult to treat.

Eatern Hemlock oil calms muscle tension and clears the lungs as it acts as a respiratory tonic. It also helps to overcome mental and negative fixations.

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