Clay, green, France

Clay, green, France


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The green clay which contains magnesium is the most absorbent clays : it is ideal for the masks and ideal for fatty skins with acne.

You can add essential oils, plant extracts or specific vegetable oils to complete a personalized treatment.

It also works wonders in household compositions of shampoos and hair masks, especially on an oily scalp.

Very absorbent and adsorbent, it purifies, detoxifies and decongests in depth.


Anti-inflammatory and analgesic, it will be very useful in poultices to treat tendonitis, sprains and other sequelae of dislocations and fractures.


Green clay can be used as an internal cure, but in the short term, by simply drinking clay water for the first few days and being well informed on the subject.

It is recommended to seek the advice of a health professional before undertaking such a course of treatment, especially in the case of conditions prone to constipation or other intestinal disorders.


As for the skin, green clay regulates excess sebum and eliminates impurities and toxins.

Healing and softening, it soothes scalp irritation, including eczema.

It is used as a hair mask, which also has the effect of leaving a feeling of freshness.

If you rinse the mask with lemon water, your hair will be brighter.

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