The Art of Distillation (In French Only)

The Art of Distillation (In French Only)


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This day combines theory and practice in a rich and rewarding experience. We will carry out the complete process of extracting an aromatic essence; from picking the plant to using its essence.

You can also reserve your place on the Jardin de Vie Academy website (you will be redirected to another website).

Date: Saturday, June 26th 2021,9:30 am to 4:30 pm

Place: 121 Châteauguay street, J2L 1K2, Bromont, QC

Teacher: Mikaël Zayat and Véronik Tanguay

After graduating with a degree in Horticultural production in 2001, Véronik immediately sowed the seeds of her projet, Jardin de Vie. She has degree in naturopathy, has completed several courses in herbalism and aromatherapy, as well as training in biodecoding from the BioCoaching Institute.

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In French only

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