1/4 What is in my cosmetics?

1/4 What is in my cosmetics?


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Price 45$

Would you like to understand the composition of conventional cosmetics and take your beauty in your own hands?  Do you want to go organic and understand how to choose cosmetics adapted to your skin?

During this workshop, you will learn decode the composition of cosmetics and discover which ingredients to avoid. Leanr to identify the real needs of your skin and create a suitable routine.

(in french onlyLimit of 30 people


Date: to be determined

Place: ZOOM video conference

Teacher: Dominique Gaillard

Passionate about aromatherapy and natural cosmetics for many years, teacher and instructor Dominique Gaillard shares with simplicity, her love for essential oils and natural beauty.

ZAYAT AROMA is not responsible for the training or content delivered during workshops.


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