Roll-on 9ml 16GL Bamboo cap

Roll-on 9ml 16GL Bamboo cap

Item Capacity: 9ml (1/3 oz)

Item Height: 87.66mm ± 0.5mm (3.45 in)

Item Height: 19.70mm ± 0.1mm (0.78 in)

Item Diameter: 19.70mm ± 0.1mm (0.78 in)

Item Length: 19.70mm ± 0.1mm (0.78 in)

Weight: 17500

Closure Type: Bamboo cap with Roll On Plug & Housing

Mouth size: 9.5mm ± 0.02mm (0.37 in)

Neck Thread Size: 17/415


The actual product may vary slightly from the picture.


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