DIFFUSAROMA - Necklace Aladin lamp

DIFFUSAROMA - Necklace Aladin lamp


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The DIFFUSAROMA ™ olfactory pendant is an exclusive creation of ZAYAT AROMA, conceptualized by Mikaël and Eloï A. Zayat and manufactured by Anthony Wright, scientific glassblower in Bromont.

This pendant allows you to aromatize naturally, while enjoying the benefits of essential oils.


This model in the shape of Aladdin's tiny lamp is made of transparent scientific glass.


Note that the product is handcrafted, the sizes may vary slightly from one creation to another.


Choose an essence or an aromatic synergy and pour a few drops on the fabric inserted inside the pendant.


Mounted on a hemp or leather cord.


This purchase directly contributes to the development of the "Musée des Arômes du Monde" NPO created in September 2013.

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